Friday, May 11, 2012

Random Musings Friday-North Carolina Stuff, Y'all

I am linking up with Shana for Random Musings Friday.

OK.  ARRRRG.  So....the topic of Marriage has been in the news a lot this week.  On Tuesday, the majority of North Carolina voters voted to pass Amendment One.  Well for the record, I voted against it and was upset that it passed.  Although 61% of NC voters voted for it, my Facebook feed and the majority of my neighbors' lawn signs pointed in a different direction.  I suck at explaining things and my feelings on such things in an articulate manner.  Here (click on 'official explanation') is the official explanation of the amendment from the NC Voting website.  Just know that I'm sad but I appreciate all the people who tried and continue to try to fight it.  Also the President made me feel a little bit better on Wednesday.

On another note, let's not hate/threaten people who voted for the Amendment.  Let's discuss and educate and all get along.  OK?  OK.

And lastly, I got upset when I saw how many people said they were ashamed/embarrassed to be North Carolinians.  I'm not ashamed.  I didn't vote to pass the amendment.  Plus North Carolina is awesome* for many things...mountains and beaches, Dawson's Creek and One Tree Hill (you know you watched it), college basketball, the Wright Brothers, Cheerwine, Krispy Kreme Donuts, BBQ, peach ice cream, Natty Green's Wildflower Beer, The Hunger Games Movie, Bojangles, Harris Teeter, Carowinds, The Andy Griffith Show,  Ken Jeong, Zach Galifinakas, many American Idol finalists, getting out of work/school for a tiny bit of snow or ice, NC State University, the city of Greensboro, etc.  I could go on, but I won't. *ok, a couple of those might be questionable on how awesome they are

North Carolina discussion over.  Start of really random musings.

On Monday we went to beer and cheese school at a local restaurant.  I never thought I'd get sick of cheese.  But the next day, even the thought of cheese made me feel a bit ill.  I thought it was a fun experience (and definitely the only type of school I'm currently interested in attending).  The first 4 cheese and beer pairings were amazing but by the time we got to the 5th one, I was about cheesed out.  Next time maybe they can give us smaller hunks of cheese and maybe a few more fruits and veggies.  Still fun though. 

ABC Family Rant-Shouldn't the girls on the "hit" show Make It or Break It be more focused on their gymnastics training for the Olympics instead of frolicking around with boys all the time?  Did they not learn last year how quickly your Olympic career can end if you get pregnant?  Come on.  Focus girls.  The Olympics is in a couple of months.  You can date boys after that.......Ok fine I guess this show wouldn't be that interesting if their was no boy drama.  Well, there it is.  Now you know I watch at least one ABC Family show.

Parks and Recreation is the best show ever.  KNOPE 2012!

That's all the deepness I can handle this morning.

Happy Friday and Happy Early Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!


Anonymous said...

Other awesome NC things. Texas Pete, nicholas sparks(for the ladies), Maya angelou, nascar(for kmu), michael jordan, UNC womens soccer, pinehurst #2, The democratic national convention, Dirty dancing, Biltmore, and pepsi.

Gene Cobb said...

Additional NC originals:

Cheer Wine, John Coltrane, Pork Barbecue, Wright Brothers

Mo Young said...

CLT airport (one of my fav's); hushpuppies; Lindley Park Filling Station; GHS; lovely trees (miss those in Vegas!); lovely people - as most really are (miss those in Vegas too!); cornfields; tasty corn on the cobb; cotton on the roadside, cotton in a ditch ... I think I've strayed into an Alabama song now. Either way, will always adore NC.

Leah said...

Tues morning when I dropped gav at elementary school he asked about why there were all those signs outside. i told him it was for the election and after I got him from daycare we'd come back and vote. I told him the reason we were voting was against amendment 1 and how important it was for families. we voted and when it passed ugh... it just sucked. I told gav about it not passing and the poor little guy was like 'why?' sucks, but he got a little lesson in political science.

So yeah more awesome nc stuff - red onion (my new fav hotdog/ dt gso place), feeney's, everything in charlotte (amalie's, plaza midwood, noda), and us awesome ladies!

Kelly @ turned UP to ELEVEN! said...

I got all emotional this week watching Parks n' Rec - LOVE that show... it might have been hormones w/ my PMS on full tilt but I was still SO happy for Leslie!!!

Shana said...

This week I had a conversation with my 90 year old grandfather and I managed to get him to change his mind about gay marriage. Well...maybe not change his mind entirely...but definitely reconsider. That's huge...and if he can change his mind, anyone can. So I still have hope.

And I'm glad you still love North Carolina. Don't let some small minded people ruin your love for your home state.

Allyson said...

To the list of NC awesome, I would like to add: Last of the Mohicans, the entire city of Asheville, Malaprops bookstore (see "entire city of Asheville"), the entire city of Charlotte, the beach/mountain/lake trifecta, and of course, Biltmore (specifically the Biltmore at Christmas...and on a somewhat related note, I just started reading "The Last Tycoon"...the 800 page biography of Cornelius Vanderbilt. Apparently, the library would also like for me to return it in a week. Ha. Yeah.)

So I appreciate you pointing out that being embarrassed by the way the vote went has nothing to do with being embarrassed by your homestate. They are 2 entirely different things. Which is good. Because otherwise I would be embarrassed by being a Kentuckian because it hasn't even come to a vote yet.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

maybe one day the people who voted it in will realize what a mistake they made.