Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Run

Wow.  I almost forgot how to do this.  I quit this blog.  But I still like making stuff and I've still been making stuff.  I just haven't photographed it extensively and written about it.  That takes the pressure off.  I've also gotten busy with other stuff.  I got pretty passionate about running, well at least talking about running (sometimes I actually hate running, but still).  So this year I trained for a 1/2 marathon which consumed a lot of my time over a few months.  The whole process was a great experience and I'm going to do it again.  But after my 1/2 marathon I ran my funnest 5k of the year (and set a new PR, I'm still not very fast FYI).  It was Halloween themed so I decided to make an easy/cheap costume that wouldn't interfere with my running.  I didn't even enter the costume contest.  (Zombie Progressive Flo won for the record).

How to make a pumpkin running costume.....
1-Buy an orange shirt.
2-Buy a sheet of sticky felt (felt that has a sticky side)
3-Cut 3 triangles out of sticky felt.
4-Cut a jack-o-lantern style mouth out of sticky felt.
5-Stick it to your shirt and hope it doesn't rain too much.

And great news.  You can remove the felt at the end (if it didn't fall off) and still have a lovely orange t-shirt.  So if you're running any Halloween themed 5ks you can enter the Halloween costume contest.  I'm thinking of making myself a Christmas tree t-shirt for my Running of the Balls Holiday 5k in December.

Oh also, we got a second dog...a year ago.  We are BFF (mostly because he likes to wear matching t-shirts with me).  Hobie kind of hates him.